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Windscreen cracks are a common problem for drivers.  Often some tiny little shard of stone flicks up off the road, hits the windscreen and suddenly there’s a little crack.  Or sometimes it can be a heavier impact, causing much more damage.  If you are in the Bournemouth area and need help with replacements and repairs for windscreen chips and cracks, Top Mark Windscreens can help.

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Our Services

  • Windscreen chips repaired
  • Quick assessment if to repair or replace
  • Mobile service to come to your home or workplace
  • Body glass and rear screens repaired
  • We can help with classic cars too

Repair or replace?

The question of whether to repair or replace a chip or a crack in the windscreen often comes down to two things – the amount of damage and the location.  If the damage is within the area straight in front of the driver, then it must be no bigger than 10mm in size or you would fail your MOT.  Elsewhere on the windscreen, the crack can be between 15-40mm, depending on how close the crack is to where the driver sits.  Any bigger than these limits, then your car will fail an MOT – which means your car wouldn’t be roadworthy.

Structural or star?

The other important factor is the type of damage.  For example, cracks known as star cracks that lead out from a central impact point can be fine to repair if they are small and away from the driver’s view area.  But structural cracks most usually lead to a replacement windscreen.  That’s because a bump, jolt or even a period of high temperature could lead to the windscreen failing.

As regional experts in the replacement and repair of windscreen cracks, we always try to repair where possible.  But if replacement is the best option, we can carry out this work at your home or in our garage.  Then your car is secure and safe for you to use.

Windscreen Replacement in Bournemouth

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Top Mark Windscreens has an excellent reputation across Bournemouth for a friendly, reliable and fast service. If you need a windscreen replaced or a crack repaired, our team will come to you. For a free estimate or to arrange a call out with no fee, call us on 07971 956 297 or 01202 534 191, email info@topmarkwindscreens.co.uk, or click the button below.